We are conscious of our environmental impacts so our processes are constantly evolving. Foemina embraces slow fashion and through careful design and considered construction, each piece is made to stand the test of time. We truly believe that less is more, so by offering a capsule collection of versatile, refined and timeless pieces, Foemina transcends seasons and trends. 

Our woman is purposeful and a little understated, so it is important to both of us that we create collections built around longevity and timeless design.”

A large part of our business is to involve and support our local industry by working with small businesses to complete designing, sampling and managing our marketing within Australia. Our production is completed in China in a family-owned and operated factory that is ethically and socially responsible and ensures fair trade practices. 

Foemina is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible from fabric selection, atelier partnerships through to packaging and carbon offsetting. We have sourced sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton dyed in OEKO-TEX® 100 STANDARD certified dye-houses. We avoid synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, which are derived from fossil fuels and contribute to pollution. We also wanted to consider the environment by minimising the number of textiles, trims and raw materials we used in each collection to eliminate dead stock waste. 

In our commitment to sustainability, we send all orders in 100% compostable carrier satchels from Hero Packaging and are conscious of all packaging and recycling decisions through the company. More recently we have made changes to reduce the use of aviation to minimise our carbon footprint by freighting our production via sea rather than air. 

There is so much to learn and embrace in this space and it is important to us to see where we can implement more ethical and sustainable strategies into our business. 


We've partnered with CICON

We are delighted to be partnering with CICON, your circular wardrobe concierge. An App that helps close the loop on your Foemina pieces, extending the lifecycle of your garments through eco-care, repair, rent, resell, or donation while tracing the impact of your wardrobe on the planet.

Foemina are proud to have been selected as a debut partner for this pioneering circularity solution. We believe that you, our Foemina community, will see the value of the CICON App with your appreciation of the importance of sustainability and accountability and your love of mindfully designed and created fashion.


CICON's role is to give users easy access to the tools and resources necessary, all with the environment in mind. Each Foemina piece is given an initial impact rating from its raw materials and production, that you then take into your own hands once you begin to wear, care and become the custodian of your Foemina. The Eco cleaning solutions ensure harsh chemicals are kept out of our waterways and atmosphere. The rent and resell work to close the loop of the garment's lifecycle. As an added benefit, you earn rewards each time you use CICON that you can spend on future CICON services or with your favourite CICON brand partners.